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 Media filters

There are many expensive 1" filters on the market that advertise improved filtration.  The fact is they are to thick for the system and starve it of airflow causing the efficiency and sometimes the operation to suffer.

The only true way to improve filtration without cutting airflow is to install a media filter.  These filters are 5" wide so that the pleats in the filter can cover more surface area.  This allows for the same airflow while still catching over 90% of all air particles.  

The added bonus to you the homeowner is that you no longer have to remember to change that filter every month.  A media filter can last anywhere from 6 months to a year depending on the amount of traffic in the home and pets.

 Field controls
UV lights

 Field Controls 
Steam Humidifier

When looking to control humidity levels in your home the only way to go is with a steam humidifier.  The most common humidifiers installed on systems today are the old bypass type.  These humidifiers depend on the furnace to be on in order to heat the water being sprayed into the supply  air.  The problem that occurs is that the heat doesn't run long enough to properly vaporize the water and add adequate humidity to bring the home up into the 35% mark that most desire.

Steam humidifier Brochure

                A steam humidifier can accomplish up to 55%+ humidity in some homes because it has it's own water reservoir and heater.  The humidifier is wired in line with the furnace and thermostat and when your humidistat on the wall calls for humidity to be added the humidifier heats the water to a steam and can then bring on the furnace blower independent of the heat. 
                Not only does this greatly improve your control over the humidity level in your home but it also reduces the amount of gas being used to heat your home.  A home for example at 50% humidity and 68* will feel the same as a home at 25% humidity and 70*

Programmable thermostats

Programmable thermostats are one of the easiest ways to decrease your heating and cooling energy usage.  Having a thermostat properly installed and programmed will decrease on the amount of usage during times when the home is unoccupied. 
Most power companies offer rebate programs when you have a programmable thermostat installed.  Most requirements are that the current thermostat be older than 10 years and that the new thermostat has adaptive intelligence which all of our thermostat do.

Programmable touch screen all in one thermostat and humidistat

Programmable thermostat

Power zone controls

Zoning is the process of dividing areas of the home up into sections that have their own air temperature controls that work independent of one and other.  This is the best solution to eliminating hot and cold spots in the home.

  Power dampers are installed in the main trunk lines of the system and then hooked to a zone control board located near the furnace.  A thermostat is installed in each of the zones and when one zone calls for heating or cooling it opens it's damper, shuts down the dampers of the zones not calling, and turns on the heating or air conditioning system.  If one of the other zones calls for heat or cooling it will open it's damper and start receiving the air as well.

  A properly installed zone system requires the use of a barometric bypass damper.  This damper is installed in a loop run that attaches to the supply plenum of the furnace and then loops around and hooks back in to the return plenum of the furnace.  When only one zone is calling for heating or cooling this bypass recognizes the need to open up and handle the excess air that is not being delivered to the other zones.  When all zones are open the bypass stays closed and all the air is delivered to all zones.  Depending on where your duct runs are located zoning may not be possible for your home.

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