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Heating and
Air conditioning
Service and Repair

The three D's of a Heating and air conditioning repair service call
  1. Diagnose
  2. Discuss
  3. Deliver

We strive to diagnose the cause of your systems failure within the first fifteen minutes upon arrival. Once the cause is found we then discuss the cost, risks, and any scenarios that could occur after the initial problem is fixed. Then once the customer is in agreement we deliver on the repair. 

Some situations require more involvement then just replacing a part or adding refrigerant. Hot and cold spots in the house for instance are results of poorly installed and designed duct work.  In some cases this is hard to remedy once the home is already built, but when possible we go to great lengths to offer options to try and improve the overall indoor comfort levels for every budget.

Heating and
Air conditioning
Service Contract

We offer annual service contracts that provide peace of mind that your cooling or heating system will work as efficient as possible before the upcoming season.

The contract includes a spring service check for cooling, a fall service check for heating, 10% off service parts throughout the year, and priority service throughout the year.

Spring check:
  • wash outdoor condenser coil
  • check refrigerant charge
  • check superheat and sub cool
  • check amp draw on fan motor and compressor
  • inspect all low and high voltage wires of outdoor condenser
  • inspect contacts for burnt points
  • test capacitor MFD charge
  • Clean out condensation drain lines
  • check blower motor amp draw
  • inspect plenum and duct seals at furnace
  • inspect low voltage and high voltage wires of furnace
  • test thermostat
  • change 1" filter (extra for specialty filters)
  • check for proper temperature differentials across indoor coil
  • Inspect indoor evaporator coil 
  • clean indoor evaporator coil (if needed)
Fall check:
  • Inspect heat exchanger for rust or cracks
  • clean pressure switch hose and port
  • clean flame sensor
  • inspect igniter
  • clean burners (if needed)
  • test inlet and outlet gas pressure
  • inspect all low and high voltage wires
  • inspect furnace exhaust flue for soot built up
  • check amp draw on furnace blower motor
  • Inspect plenum and duct seals at furnace
  • change 1" filter (specialty filters extra)
  • check defrost cycle (heat pump systems only)
  • check refrigerant charge (heat pump systems only)
  • test electric heat kit (heat pump systems only)
  • test capacitor charge (heat pump systems only)
  • inspect contacts for burnt points(heat pump systems only)

New Heating and
Air conditioning
System installation

When it comes time for your heating and air conditioning  system to be replaced Schelter Heating and Air will treat it with the time and respect it is due for such a large investment.

  • Free estimates on new cooling, heating, or complete system change outs
  • Written proposals emailed or hand delivered.
  • Same day installation of systems. You will never be left without heat or cooling over night
  • We seal all new duct runs and plenums we install
  • All work is done to comply with all codes and industry standards
  • Full clean up after installation is complete
  • 31-day labor warranty on all new installs
  • suggestions to improve indoor air quality as well as indoor air distribution (hot and cold spots)
  • Payment is not required until completion of the job

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Service Area

We maintain a small service area in North Metro Atlanta along the GA 400 corridor in order to respond to calls same day or sometimes  next day during the peak seasons.  This area consists of Cumming, Dawsonville, Macedonia, Free Home, Sugar Hill,  Johns Creek, Milton, Alpharetta, and similar areas of Forsyth county,  South Dawson county, East Cherokee county, North Fulton county. and Northwest Gwinnett county.

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