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Heating or Cooling system not working?

No one likes to spend money on something they could have fixed themselves.  All you need is a little push in the right direction.  At Schelter Heating and Air we strive to build relationships that last, and treating even the newest of clients as lifelong clients is the first step in building those relationships.

Here are a few things you can check yourself just to make sure that the problem with your heating or cooling system is not something simple.  If you feel overwhelmed, unsure, or have tried what you can and your heating or cooling system still is not working then give us a call and we will be right there.

Common gas furnace heating problems

Heating system blows air but it isn't hot:
  • the gas is turned off to the system
  • the igniter is bad
  • the system is overheating due to a variety of causes
  • dirty flame sensor
  • bad gas valve
  • bad control board
  • pressure switch fault

Heating system doesn't blow air at all:
  • breaker is off
  • service man switch to furnace is off
  • thermostat is bad
  • blower motor is bad
  • control board is bad
  • loose wire somewhere

Common heat pump/electric furnace heating problems

Heat pump system blows air but isn't hot:
  • Outdoor unit isn't running
  • refrigerant charge low
  • outdoor unit is freezing and not going into defrost
  • below freezing outside and indoor electric heat isn't working
Heat pump system doesn't blow air at all:
  • breaker to the indoor furnace is off
  • bad blower relay in furnace
  • bad thermostat
  • loose wire somewhere
Heat pump system is blowing out heat but can't keep up with demand:
  • insufficient refrigerant charge
  • defrost cycle on heat pump isn't working properly
  • all or some of the heat stripes in the furnace are not working properly
  • heat kit in furnace isn't large enough
  • the home's heat load has grown due to deteriorating insulation, windows, and doors.

Common cooling problems

Cooling system blows air but it's not cold:

Air conditioner is not running
  • breaker for air conditioner is off
  • capacitor is bad
  • 24v contactor is bad
  • loose wire somewhere
  • condensate pump safety cutoff activated
  • float switch activated
  • low pressure or high pressure switch in air conditioner activated
  • condenser fan motor bad
Air conditioner is running
  • air conditioner is low on refrigerant charge
  • condenser fan is running but internal compressor is not
  • restriction in refrigerant line
  • evaporator coil is frozen over
Cooling system not blowing air into home:
  • Breaker to furnace is off
  • service switch to furnace is off
  • loose wire in furnace
  • blower motor is bad
  • thermostat is bad
  • evaporator coil is frozen over
  • fuse is blown on the control board
  • transformer in furnace is bad
Cooling system can not keep up with demand on hot days:
  • system is low on refrigerant
  • refrigerant line has a restriction
  • air filter is dirty
  • duct runs in attic or crawlspace are loose and leaking
  • heat load has increased due to deteriorating insulation, window and door seals, and deterorating duct insulation

Service Area

We maintain a small service area in North Metro Atlanta along the GA 400 corridor in order to respond to calls same day or sometimes  next day during the peak seasons.  This area consists of Cumming, Dawsonville, Macedonia, Free Home, Sugar Hill,  Johns Creek, Milton, Alpharetta, and similar areas of Forsyth county,  South Dawson county, East Cherokee county, North Fulton county. and Northwest Gwinnett county.

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