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Message from Ron
Since I first founded Schelter Heating and Air Inc. back in 1997 my main goal was, and continues to be that my customers be treated as if they where an extension of my own family.  I have worked hard over the years to ensure customer satisfaction over focusing on the bottom line.  It has always been a core belief of mine that if you take care of the customer they will return that care with loyalty.  
             Schelter Heating and Air Inc. is a family owned and operated heating and air service company in Cumming, GA.  We take pride in having our family name known in our community as people you can trust and depended on.  Other heating and air service contractors instruct their technicians to try and up-sale and push new super high efficiency heating and air systems. You can depend on Schelter Heating and Air to tell the truth, and to do everything we can to repair your heating and air system in the most cost efficient way for you and your budget.  When a Schelter Heating and air technician suggest the time has come to change out your heating and air system with a new higher efficiency heating and air conditioning system you will know without a doubt that everything that can be done to fix your current heating and air system has been done with your best interests in mind.

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Matt's Tips and Tricks

Trim bushes and trees around your outdoor condenser units to increase efficiency

Pour Liquid bleach into drains and condensation pumps every time you change your filter

Check/change your filter every other month

Do not turn the thermostat off when you leave on vacation just turn it down to around 60 for heat and 80 for cooling

Keep furniture away from returns that are in the wall or floor

Turn the thermostat fan switch to "on" and open the windows during pleasant spring and fall days 

Service Area

We maintain a small service area in North Metro Atlanta along the GA 400 corridor in order to respond to calls same day or sometimes  next day during the peak seasons.  This area consists of Cumming, Dawsonville, Macedonia, Free Home, Sugar Hill,  Johns Creek, Milton, Alpharetta, and similar areas of Forsyth county,  South Dawson county, East Cherokee county, North Fulton county. and Northwest Gwinnett county.

Schelter Heating and Air Inc.
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