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Schelter Heating and Air Inc. primarily installs Luxaire equipment.  We have been in business for 16 years and have tried many other brands of heating and cooling equipment.  Luxaire by far is the most reliable, serviceable, and aesthetically pleasing of all the brands we have encountered and installed.  We understand some consumers rely heavily on brand loyalty as a deciding factor when choosing a new heating and air conditioning system. If that is the case for you just let us know and we will be happy to get pricing and information on most any other brand of heating and cooling equipment on the market.

 SEER Rating explained

The percentage of savings is off of your cooling energy usage which on a national average is around 60% of your total electric bill during the cooling season.  For Georgia the cooling season is around 5 months May-September.  Any system installed after 2006 is 13 SEER at the minimum, any system installed after 1992 is a 10 SEER minimum, and anything older than that is most likely a 9 SEER if it is still running.

SEER stands for Season Energy Efficiency Ratio and applies to central air conditioners and heat pumps. The minimum set by the Department of Energy is 13 SEER and for Energy Star, 14 SEER. The higher the SEER, the greater the energy economy.

SEER Chart

DOE Minimum: 13 SEER 

Energy Star Minimum: 14 SEER

 Heating System Efficiency Measurement 


AFUE Chart

Gas furnaces use Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency    (AFUE) as their measurement. The higher the AFUE, the greater the efficiency and the greater your energy savings potential.

Because some of the heating potential of fuels is lost during furnace operation, no furnace is considered 100% energy-efficient. The AFUE tells you the amount of fuel burned that actually goes toward heating your home on an annual basis.

Prior to the 1992 federal regulations, most gas furnaces were built with standard efficiencies ranging from 60% to 78% AFUE. These are the furnaces that are being replaced today. For example, if you have one of these older furnaces with an efficiency of 65%, then out of every dollar you spend on fuel, $0.35 goes up the chimney! If you replace it with a new Heil 90%+ AFUE furnace, then, of every dollar spent on fuel, less than $0.10 goes up the chimney—a 40% increase in savings!

DOE Minimum: 78% AFUE

Energy Star Minimum: 90% AFUE

Service Area

We maintain a small service area in North Metro Atlanta along the GA 400 corridor in order to respond to calls same day or sometimes  next day during the peak seasons.  This area consists of Cumming, Dawsonville, Macedonia, Free Home, Buford, Sugar Hill, Duluth,  Johns Creek, Milton, Alpharetta, Crabapple, and similar areas of Forsyth county,  South Dawson county, East Cherokee county, North Fulton county. and Northwest Gwinnett county.

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